Travel Inspired Wedding Gift’s

Is it wedding season or is it just me? After attending an amazing bridal shower this weekend and sitting with lots of engaged woman it got me thinking about what types of wedding stuff I would like. Sure I pin things on Pinterist but when push comes to shove what would I actually purchase.

Now we all know that I love Etsy for all the fun ideas you can make or buy. When searching for travel related handmade goods I stumbled upon these wonderfully made luggage tags that just so happen make PERFECT wedding favors. So you see, it must be wedding season or I just have wedding’s on the brain.

Wedding Favors – I’ll Fly Away Luggage Tag

Wedding Favors – We Love New York Luggage Tags – Multiple Destinations Avaialble

Wedding Favors – Travel to Your Seat Luggage Tag

Wedding Favors – A Neat Way to Find Your Seat Luggage Tag

I’d love to know if anyone has ever thought to make something like this or what other types of wedding favors other’s have found interesting–let us know!

Happy wedding season!

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