Traveling with your pet? Tips for stress free travel

When you have pets, going away gets difficult. Any dog owner knows, for example, that they’ll need to find doggy care before they go away. That can mean extra costs and stress when they could do without. Even when they get away, they miss their furry friends so much that they don’t enjoy their trips.

That’s why many owners choose to bring their pets along. Deciding to vacation with your fluffball in tow can see you cutting costs and having an all around good time. The only issue is that traveling with pets can get stressful in itself if you aren’t careful. Though you wouldn’t have to arrange things like alternative care, there’s still plenty to consider. Before you know, prep for this could become one stressful situation after another.

But, there’s no reason why pet travel has to go that way. All you need to do to keep things stress-free is consider the following before booking.

Can you avoid flights?

Flights with pets are stressful. They involve transportation and quarantine among other things. This is sure to stress you and your four-legged friend no end. In most cases, that isn’t worth a week in a sunny climate. This is especially the case when you consider the opportunities closer to home. By focusing on those rather than overseas options, you can hop in the car or instead get on the train. You needn’t even put your dog in a carry case. And, there won’t be a scrap of paperwork to sniff at!

What about accommodation?

Accommodation gets a little harder where pets are involved. Not every hotel will welcome a furry friend without question. But, this doesn’t mean that accommodation needs to become a stressful matter during a trip like this. In reality, there are pet friendly hotels out there if you know where to look for them. A quick search should reveal at least one or two options like these in any area of your choice. Airbnb is also a fantastic option here, with many hosts offering a pet option for a small extra fee. Worst comes to worst, remember that there are always campsites. Most of these are willing to accept near enough any animal you might want to bring along with you.

Have you thought about your location?

It’s also vital that you spare some thought for your location itself. If you choose wrong here, there’s no way you can avoid stress. Not to mention that you’ll struggle to get the most from the opportunities available if they aren’t pet-friendly. If you head to New York, for example, you’ll find many tourist destinations out of bounds. Not to mention that walking your dog on those busy streets is a recipe for stress in itself. By comparison, heading to somewhere like Colorado could see you with access to countless pet-friendly walks and experiences. You can bet that, by the end of a stay like that, you and your beloved pet would feel a whole lot more chilled out.

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