Trouble Packing For Tbex? Take A Look…

Its Tuesday kids! You know what that means; for some of us we are all ready en route to Colorado for Tbex, for others we will be patiently waiting until Friday.

With that being said, I’ve heard from others expressing concern about what to pack. The weather in Colorado is less than desirable, meaning its warm during the day but cold at night; not exactly the best for packing.

Yesterday I finalized the majority of the clothing I would be bringing. My goal is simple yet cute.  You will see that I’ve stuck with the basics but there’s a bit of flare thrown in for fun!

Now each item is just a replica of my actual items (I didn’t shell out more than $8 for a t-shirt).

The Basics: They go with everything

  • Black t-shirt
  • White t-shirt
  • Grey t-shirt

The Fun: These help to add a bit of flare to the basics

  • Leopard Fedora
  • Leopard Shoes
  • Leopard Scarf
  • Bathing Suit (hello hot tubs)

The Staples: You can wear these all weekend

  • Cropped Jeans
  • Black Blazer

Now before you harp on me; yes I’m bring a coat and of course my leopard umbrella! If you can stick to a plan of colors and styles you will be just fine for anything that Colorado will throw at you.

What I'm Packing For Tbex

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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