Updates {moving and holes}

I am so sorry it has been too long since I’ve posted! I wanted to take the time to give you guys some updates as to where I have been. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but I think I *might* be getting things back on track.

So here’s whats been going on:

1. I have a hole in my stomach. Yes that’s right, I have an ulcer. I went to the doctors in extreme pain last week and they confirmed that I do indeed have an ulcer and need to see a specalist. The good news is I have been taking the medication and things seem to be getting better.

2. I am moving. No i’m not moving to NJ just yet, but I am moving down the street to a condo (very excited). So in between having an ulcer I’ve had to pack as well.

3. School. School hasn’t stopped and I have quite a bit of work to do for my class, which invloves reading 3 lengthy novels.

4. Work. I’ve been working two jobs this summer, basically 10hr days. I am beyond drained.

exhausted-500x300 (2)

Here’s the good news:

1. I re-joined a gym and have managed to go once before I found a hole in my stomach.

2. My last commitment before my friends wedding has commenced.

3. Things with the boyfriend couldn’t be better.

So where does this leave you guys? Well I have quite a few posts that I would like to write over the next week or so. I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and missing you all like cray! Please please please leave me a comment and tell me whats been going on in your life! 🙂


xoxo Lindsay

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