Vintage style for your home

We all love a bit of retro clothing and jewelry, don’t we, but did you know that vintage home-ware is also on trend?

The look is all over Instagram and other social media right now – and the way people are using items is really interesting.  It’s not just being mixed and matched in a folksy way – but also combined with cool, contemporary clean lines.

That’s an idea we’ve not seen very much before and it’s great to think of vintage items being used so creatively.  Some people are just mixing and matching things up alongside their everyday pieces, which is also a brilliant way to use them.

Why are people excited about vintage?

So why are people so excited by vintage and what do they love so much about a more retro style nowadays? We think it’s a kickback against more neutral, generic home-ware styles and people just want to do more now than be just, well…bland.

Thrifty or high end – it’s up to you

So you want to get on trend, but where do you go to find that special piece that will give your home a whole new dimension? You can buy some really gorgeous items quite cheaply on sites like Etsy, Ebay,.Oxfam or you could visit thrift shops.

But the trend runs right through to high end purchases – where investment pieces are gaining increasing popularity.  People are even hiring really beautiful sets of tableware to give a bit of drama, fun or quirkiness to an event, Imagine how stylish an art deco dinnerware set would look on your table – or some oversized candlesticks could be a real show stopper.

Splashing out on some funky flatware is a great idea and would add an instant bit of character to your table. The beauty of buying statement pieces like this is that they may be expensive – but they’re a one off investment.  And they make so much impact on their own that you don’t need to make any kinds of multiple purchases.

How to look after sterling silver

If you’re thinking of investing in some vintage silver, you’ll want to make sure you look after it properly.  These items are so unique and previous, after all, that you’d want to protect them from any kind of damage. So make sure you’re fully aware of sterling silverware storage techniques – it will last you a lifetime if you show it some love.

Why ‘preloved’ is so popular

Another reason people are opting for vintage more often right now is because it’s a choice that’s ethical and sustainable. ‘Preloved’ items are also popular because they’re exactly that – things have more soul when they’ve been passed on and looked after.

We hope this post has given you some inspiration to style up your own home with vintage and retro items.  Whether you choose something fun and thrifty, or invest in a few valuable pieces, you’re sure to be buy something that’s just as unique as you.

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