Voodoo Donuts, worth the hype?

After an episode on The Travel Channel some years ago, I was instantly drawn to the crazy flavors and variety that Voodoo Donut was selling. While not living on the west coast or even in the middle of the United States, the chances of me trying one was pretty slim, that is until a week ago.

Making plans to see my best friend out in Denver, Colorado involved visiting the Red Rocks, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Voodoo Donuts. I don’t typically crave donuts but this was something that I NEEDED to try.


I settled on two flavors: cocoa puffs and oreo peanut butter. The cereal was a tad stale on the cocoa puffs but it was one hell of a chocolate donut. I think the oreo was my favorite, it was so incredibly delish, my mouth is watering as I write this!


My friends opted for the Voodoo man donut, which looked so adorable, just like a real Voodoo doll! If you follow me on Snap, you most likely saw a lot of this, most of which I just could not fully capture its awesomeness on my iPhone.

So yes, Voodoo Donuts is totally worth the hype and I would highly recommend stopping in if you have time or are in the area!

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xoxo Lindsay 

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