Waffle Maker French Toast

I’ve always seen the different types of food that could be cooked in a waffle maker but up until now, the only thing I made was waffles. This weekend in New Jersey, I made soup (recipe to come) but I bought bread to have with it. We hardly ever buy bread, mainly because I can’t control myself (true story). So needless to say there was leftover bread on Saturday morning.

Leftover bread was the perfect excuse to try making french toast in my waffle maker. The result? AMAZING! I honestly wish I had more bread at the time because it was really delicious!

the finished product that tasted amazing!
the finished product that tasted amazing!


It’s safe to say I will be making this ALL the time!! It was hands down so yummy, my picture doesn’t even do it justice!! I need to explore more options with my waffle maker–what have you made in your waffle maker?! Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

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