Wanderlust in 2 days!!

I can’t believe that I am leaving for my European vacation in 2 days–this trip was booked back in January, so to say I have been waiting a while is an understatement.

Just last night I finally started packing and trying to figure out what is going in my carryon. I have about 9hrs of travel time ahead of me on Thursday + one day….yikes!

Since I have an overnight flight, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be as comfortable as possible. I’m hoping to catch some zzzzzz’s with my eye mask, neck pillow, and ear plugs. I’m debating on whether or not to bring a blanket or just use a sweatshirt. Some of my other products will be good for when we land at 5am, so I can freshen up at the airport.

My favorite part of this is the carryon bag that I chose, which is not the one pictured but very close. These under the seat bags are perfect and have a lot of space in them. I bought the Samantha Brown luggage set, and think it was totally worth the money. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see what I mean.

Annnnnnnnnndddddd….of course I’m going to be dealing with my lady parts on this flight (ugh), so making sure I have enough supplies to feel “clean” is going to be crucial.

Untitled #1


Men s fashion

Face care

Beauty product


While packing is the biggest pain in the ass, I am getting more and more excited for my trip! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and live vicariously through me!


xoxo Lindsay

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