Weekend Editorial {TGIF!}

Thank god it’s Friday is correct! For a short week (snow days) it actually felt REALLY long! At work it was pretty busy-between actual work, and training, and class (grad school). What’s really great is how much more blogging I have done this week-it feels great! So that being said, today is Friday and I’m super excited for the next two days.

Sooo whats on tap?

Well it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been with my boyfriend and he is coming tomorrow (yayyyy)! I am also having a few of our friends over who haven’t seen him since he moved to NJ. It will be my first pj and potluck party! It is just the way it sounds, everyone brings a dish and wears their jammies! What’s better than that?! (don’t worry I’ll post a full recap of tomorrow nights pj party!)

Tonight I plan on doing my nails with these new Jamberry nail strips I received (review coming) and enjoying some much-needed quiet time.

What are YOU doing this weekend?! Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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