{Weekend Recap}

It’s been a few days and I seriously miss you guys so much!! I did manage to post today but I don’t think I was actively present since last Friday!!! ahhhhhhhhh

Things have been slightly crazy around here. Many of you know that I’m in school for a counseling degree, well many people don’t know that I’m on an 8week term schedule, meaning that I take classes every 8 weeks. Which is good and bad as I’m sure you can imagine my work load. Well right now I’m nearing the end of this term so things are starting to pile up and now I must work my ass off.


But needless to say, I actually had an AMAZING weekend in New Jersey with my honey boo boo. It was pretty low-key but there was also a HUGE stepping stone in our relationship that happened. It has been almost 3 years together and I think everyone knows just how much I love him. Well he actually surprised me and was willing to go look at things that rhyme with sing. So yes, it’s only a matter of time and I can’t freakin’ wait!!

So after that happened on Saturday I was pretty much floating on cloud 9, still am actually. I do have pictures of something that was picked out but I’m not quite ready to show the world until he pops the question that is! 🙂
I also cooked a bomb-ass dinner consisting of baked fajitas which I will share with you all…in fact my boo is making it again for himself tonight!!

I managed to write a bit of my research paper that is due soon and tonight I actually finished it all (thank god). My paper is super nerdy but that’s okay. I wrote it on Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Told you it was nerdy. But this stuff actually is so interesting to me–it’s exciting!!

So anywho, that’s why I’ve been a bit off the grid lately. Things were so busy that on Sunday night I jumped out of bed and announced that I hadn’t posted on Instagram ALL day!!! What is happening to me?!

I’m going to attempt to balance school, work, and this blog. If only I could keep my mind off of my future wedding….


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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