What I’ve Learned From Being A Blogger

Being a blogger is hard work. Sometimes it can be hard but mostly its just work.  I’ve been a blogger for three years now and looking back on it now, what a ride its been.

With the Travel Blog Exchange fast approaching in June, it has made me think about how my blogging first started. Many of you know that I started this just after a trip to Alaska with the ex.  After we broke up last Spring I wasn’t sure I would be able to blog again. It was friends and family that convinced me to keep going and see what I could do.  I’ve learned a lot over these three years and thought I would share it with you!

Naming my blog

I’m pretty sure I changed the name of this blog a few times before I actually settled on Fashionista’s Travel.  A wise person once said “write what you know” (I have no idea who the wise person is) but it sounded good to me…Fashionista’s Travel was born in 2010.

Writing posts

I’ve learned so much about how to write a better post over the years. I can remember the first few times I wrote blog posts. I had no idea what I was doing! It’s hard to write for an audience especially when you’ve never done it before.  I’m glad my humor flows into my writing, I think it makes for a better read.

Tags and SEO

It took me about two years to figure out that when you tag a post correctly and use SEO your traffic numbers double! haha

I know what your all saying, it took you two years to figure that out, but hey at least I finally did, we are off and running now.


It’s a must have and probably the only thing I’ve been doing right since the get-go. I made sure that I immediately fell in with a crowd of travel bloggers and  other like-minded tweeps. It’s also important to keep up with those people with the ever so clever hash tags #FF #TT.  This is a good chance to tweet new people to start new connections with.


Pictures tell a 1000 words so I’ve learned to get AMAZING pictures. Not just good ones but FABULOUS ones. It took me a long time to figure that one out as well. (yes I’m a slow learner)

500 words or more

Those seem to be the posts that get the most attention. As much as I love to style and write about fashion, those posts just don’t do that well for me. When I write about an adventure or tell a story I see my numbers rise.  Figuring out what really works for your blog was something that I just started to pay attention too.  Sure I still write shorter posts but on those day’s I won’t expect to see great numbers.

Conferences and networking

Those seem to go hand in hand.  You can network on twitter till the cows come home but nothing is better than networking with those people in person.  Attending TBEX has become my go-to each year.  It’s a great time to get together with fellow bloggers and PR to network and lets face it bull-shit with each other.


Sometimes I look back at old posts and think oh jeez what was I thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion that its ok to laugh at just how bad a writer or photographer you used to be.  Its learning from it that will make all the difference.

In conclusion (wow sounds like I’m writing a paper) you can see that I’ve learned quite a bit about being a blogger.  With only three years on the table I don’t feel so bad about not having been on a lot of press trips or that I don’t have 1000 people/day viewing my site.  It takes time and practice but also fun.  I’m having the  best time being a web geek and learning as I go. I would encourage everyone to take a step back and see what they’ve learned over the course of a few years.

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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