What SHOULD Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

It’s almost summer ladies and gents and that means pulling out the old sunblock, beach towels, and flip flops.

What some of us tend to forget is that most of our “old” summer essentials probably need replacing.  Its force of habbit to just grab the same bag with everything you left in from last year. (we are all guilty of it)

So here is a list of some new items you should pick up for this years beach escape.

1. New sunblock, throw away any sunblock more then a year old.

Staff pick: Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray

2. De-Tangle Spray, a common item often not thought of to bring to the beach. If you have little one or even if you find your self body surfing a lot, de-tangling spray will keep your hair tangle free  while you enjoy the sun.

Staff pick: Johnson & Johnson

3. Wet wipes, even if you don’t have kids, these work out perfectly for keeping sand and too much sunblock off your hands.

Staff pick: Wet Ones

4. Floppy Hat, pretty self explanatory, but it will keep your scalp from burning and actually make sitting in the sun longer and enjoyable.

Staff pick: Target

5. Hair elastic or hair clip, keep an extra one on you at all times at the beach, it will keep your hair out of your face and managable.

Staff pick: CVS

Add this list to your beach bag and have a never fail beach day, everyday!

Shopping guide: Target.com, cvs.com,

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