What should I do with my life?

Too many thoughts, nothing to guide you

Your mind is like a giant ball of string, covered in knots. It’s impossible to know what you think without clearing out your mind. We spend our days wasting time worrying about little and big things. In the process, we tend to lose focus on what we need and want. That’s why the first approach to reconnect with your inner self is to lift out your mental knots once and for all. Meditation might seem like a tricky exercise at first, but it can become a useful tool when you get the hang of it. It’s a fantastic and rapid way of creating some free headspace so that you can think clearly again. Not everyone feels comfortable letting go off their thoughts through controlled breathing techniques. But, if meditation isn’t your thing, exercising could help you to achieve a similar level of mental clarity. Indeed, working out boosts the production of happiness hormones. When your mood is elevated, you can find it easier to sort out your thoughts and reconsider your choices. 

Nowhere to start? Start anywhere

A change of environment can help you to change your way of thinking. Routine has a tendency to damage your spirit and your creativity. So, if you find that you’ve hit a brick wall with your life choices, the best way to question your decisions is to change your surroundings. Indeed, when you are constantly seeing the same things, your thought process can get a little muddled. Take yourself a trip to unexpected and different destinations that can help you to break through the mental standby. Have you considered filling up your holidays with surprises? Indeed, instead of opting for a pre-arranged resort or tour vacation, have a look at the recent camper trailers models you could travel with. Seeing the world from a different perspective can help you to find your way back to yourself. And if there’s a way to change your horizons smoothly and pleasantly, it’s by packing your bag and going where the camping van takes you. 

Why do you believe the answer is already in you?

You don’t know everything there is to know. As a result, while as a child, you might have had a laser focus on achieving a specific goal, chances are that things have changed. Perhaps you’ve learned more about your goal and discovered that it wasn’t realistic – like the little girl who wants to be a princess. Or maybe you figured out that your interests have changed – your pet allergy prevents you from traveling with dogs, for instance. In short, you need to find a new mission. The primary obstacle adults face when they are trying to figure out in which direction to take their lives is the conviction that the answer to their questions in already inside them. You can’t wake up one morning, knowing what to do with your life. But you can build a path to find out more about what yourself. Commit to little things that allow you to try out new skills and experiences. 

I want to make a difference now

Everybody seems obsessed with making a difference in the world. However, our understanding of what makes a difference is stained by our need for recognition. If it doesn’t appear in the local newspaper, does it count? Ultimately, if you are going to be remembered for your actions, you need to start by focusing on selflessness. You have to decide to do something that will benefit others. Regardless of the cause you believe in, when you remove your ego from the equation, you can begin to have a bigger impact. However, here’s the dilemma. You are still making a difference, but you may not be able to achieve the famous status you were dreaming of. However, you’ll find that this choice of life is a lot more satisfying because it lets you do something meaningful. 

Learn to stop doing anything

You can’t clear out your thoughts for now, but you have filled up your life with to-do lists and responsibilities instead. More often than not, people find themselves piling up more activities in the hope of figuring out what they want to do. The truth is, you’ve got only 24 hours a day, and you can’t overstrain yourself. Keeping busy isn’t going to give you the answer you need. It only stops you from asking the essential questions. However, what it doesn’t stop is how you feel. You are still going to struggle with your lost sense of purpose. but, because your day is packed with to-dos, you’re unlikely ever to address the issue. You need to cut down some of your commitments to make room for your thoughts. 

Do something for yourself, not to please someone else

Satisfaction comes from within. Indeed, you need to meet your own expectations to find pleasure and joy. However, if you are competing to meet the expectations that other people have for yourself – or that you perceive they might have –, you are setting yourself up for a road of unhappiness. You need to acknowledge which objectives are yours and which aren’t. For teenagers and young adults, parental expectations can easily be confused with their own. For empathic adults, it’s easy to fall in the trap of wanting to make everybody else happy. However, you can’t afford to forget your needs in the process. Putting a smile on your partner’s face or pleasing your boss by exceeding the targets isn’t going to give you the satisfaction you need if you don’t connect with the mission.

I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities

Millennials and Gen-Z are redefining the concept of a midlife crisis. Indeed, more and more young adults are experiencing some level of emotional crisis that questions their self-worth, their life choices, their priorities, and their contributions to the world at an early age. The reason is that Millennials are the first generation that grew up with a deep sense of responsibility toward the planet. They must save it and build a saner and better place for everyone. Indeed, their economic, social, and environmental awareness at a young age – compared to previous generations – has driven the belief that it is their mission to rescue humanity.

As a result, Millennials find it impossible to progress without the crushing burden of their self-perceived responsibilities. They are desperate to make a positive change but are running out of time and energy to bring the difference they need. Instead of giving up, you need to take things slowly. True, you can’t save the world right now. But you can encourage your family to reduce its environmental impact or choose to support the local economy. Little steps can help you to clear out your guilty feelings and finally regain control of your thoughts. 

I’m worried about changing my path

It can take years for someone to realize that they’re not on the right career track for their personality. But when they do, they are afraid of being too old to follow their interests. https://www.themuse.com/advice/never-too-old-to-change-careers In reality, your age is not an obstacle to your life decision. It’s never too late to do what you want. 

Where should life take you? The answer is wherever you choose to go. You need to find the strong will of your childhood again to decide what you want to do with your life. Finding the satisfaction and meaning you dream of doesn’t happen overnight. But you have the power to unclog your mind and discover your real mission. 

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