Whats in YOUR carry-on?

Having a carry-on is one of the best additions to the world of luggage.  They come in all shapes and colors, but what keeps them unique is what you choose to carry in them.

For me, I pack the exact same thing in my carry-on every time I travel. All I have to do is gather up a few items, pack them, and I am ready to go.

So whats in my carry-on you ask?

  • First I start with my liquids, which I keep together all the time in a small see-through plastic bag.  In it contains, my travel shampoo and conditioner (Tresemme), travel deodorizer (Lady Speed Stick), small container of lotion (Cocoa Butter), travel size hair serum (Super Skinny) and eye drops.  If you keep this together all the time, all you have to do is grab it and pack it!
  • Next I grab my roll-up that is full of make-up brushes
  • And lastly is my Vera Bradley travel cosmetic which I can cram everything from my make-up, q-tips, face wipes, razors, and anything else I can think of. It keeps it all together for me so I don’t have to worry about loose items in my luggage.

Honest to god that is mostly what is in my carry-on. With the exception of the lastest Marie Claire or Allure.

If you invest in some actual travel products and keep your items together you will find that packing for that upcoming trip isn’t so bad, you basically get to throw a bunch of items in a bag and your all set.

Now don’t get me started on your actual luggage…thats a whole different story! 🙂

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