When Is The Best Time To Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

This is actually a question that I myself just started having to figure out.  There is no “real” answer.  If I was going to give my “professional” opinion I would say, take a look at your genetic makeup.  Take a look at the women in your family, your mother mostly. You can tell a lot about skin from what type your mother has or had when she was growing up.

For me, I was  fortunate enough to have a mother that had/has really good skin; what I mean by that is, hardly any breakouts and just overall  younger looking skin for someone her age.

I turned 29 this year and I swear that this is the year for dark circle treatments and skin tightening creams.  This is not a complete lie. Earlier this year I started using anti-dark circle treatment and under eye gel to help minimize my dark circles.  Is this related to age?? Probably not but  its not a bad time to start preventing.

So the long of the short is that you can’t put a number on this type of stuff. 29 seems to be a good age for myself and most people my age might agree but it really depends on the person and their skin type.

A little bit of under eye cream never hurt anyone but I certainly wouldn’t go crazy if its not necessary.

If you have any tips for us and others on anti-aging treatments then please let us know!


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