Where does all the money go?

Why am I so crappy with money? Is anyone else in the same boat? I get a paid a decent salary but yet never seem to be able to save anything. Not only can’t I save money for some reason but I’m starting to feel inadequate compared to others my age who have families and houses.

Maybe it’s genetic? I literally had to give my mother my credit card because I just can’t be trusted. I am able to save a bit, it’s certainly not what I would like to be saving. It’s not like this is a new problem it’s just really bothering me tonight for some reason. So what am I going to do? Good question…

For starters I took my saved credit card info off of Amazon and iTunes…here’s hoping that will keep me off Amazon for awhile. I’m also avoiding Target like the plague, which if you know me is incredibly hard.

Part of me thinks I should attend a money management class or something but I figure I’ve got to get this part of me together. All day long I “preach” about making good decisions and here I am still figuring out how to really save money.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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xoxo Lindsay 

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