Why I shop Fabfitfun add-on’s

My latest post regarding my favorite Fabfitfun items, has everything to do with the add-on’s that happen right before they send the next seasonal box. Add-on’s have opened for everyone this morning, and to say I was excited is an understatement.

So the seasonal box cost’s $49 a season, so why would I spend more money?

  • For starters the costs for these products are ridiculously discounted!!
  • Another reason is that it’s a perfect opportunity to try new products or to pick up something you already use and love.
  • My box will ship before others

Even though my box will ship before other peoples I ultimately do it for the discounted products and jewelry. I’ve really started wearing more jewelry thanks to this subscription service–so if I can grab cheaper jewelry then you bet I’m going to do it!!

For the Summer 2018 box I picked 4 add-on’s that will ship with my box for free. Yes, I will have to pay for those add-on’s but totally worth it in my eyes. I just want to remind people that I do not work with Fabfitfun, I simply just love this subscription service!!

Who else is loving Fabfitfun? Does anyone else shop add-on’s? Let me know in the comments below!!


xoxo LIndsay 


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