Why I’M Going Back To Tbex

With Tbex being only two weeks away I started thinking about why I’m even going back. I mean sure there’s parties and booze but I can get that here in Rhode Island.  So why am I going back?

Good question. To be honest I don’t have just one reason why, I have three.

I was first introduced to Tbex  by my ex who shall remain nameless, after starting Fashionista’s Travel  two years ago this July and realizing just how important it was to me, I decided to tag along and join him in Vancouver for Tbex11. Well to my surprise I ended up getting way more out of it then I had previously realized.

So this is why I’m going back this year:

1. Connections:

Everyone talks about “networking” and honestly it feels like a code word for “drinking”. However it doesn’t take much to make connections with people there. Everyone probably already has a handful of people they want to meet going into Tbex, so once you do meet them, guess what, you’ve just networked. Even though you may spend your time talking about unrelated things, you just never know where these people might take you. You know the old saying, everyone knows someone that knows someone–its true. Keep that in mind when your at Tbex this year.

2.  Experiences:

I’m not just talking about meeting new people, I’m talking about travel experiences also. I don’t know about you but just taking a trip on a whim isn’t usually in my budget.  Attending conferences like Tbex almost justify taking a trip. Not only do you get fantastic workshops and excellent speakers BUT your also getting some quality travel time in! Tbex gives me a reason to travel whats more fabulous then that?

3. The Aftermath:

The aftermath of Tbex is like no other, at least that’s how it was last year for me.  I spent about a year last year before Tbex11 tweeting and trying to connect with people the best way I knew how–upon meeting them it was like “two old friends”  catching up. So that being said, after spending time with them and for all the new people you will indeed meet, it makes the aftermath of Tbex that much better. Your connections after you leave Tbex will continue and be that much stronger.  Not only do I have a group of people I can’t wait to see again this year but I’ve also managed to find some new people I’m just dying to meet this year. I suspect the pattern will repeat its self this year.

With so many new people attending and tweeting about Tbex it makes me very excited to think that they might end up feeling the same as me.  Tbex is what you make of it.  You can spend the whole time drinking or you can spend your time making connections, gaining experiences, and enjoying the aftermath–the choice is yours but that’s why I’m going back.

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


  • lola

    LOVE this! i’m glad my expectations are inline…this is exactly what i expect & hope to get out of TBEX. looking forward to meeting you Lindsay – so is your boa!

    xo – lola

    ps – like the drinking code word analogy 🙂

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